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Vegetable Garden Resources
Nassar Posted  6 years ago By  Ayman Nassar
Anyone out there who has any pointers to community vegetable gardens. I am volunteering with a group of young people to turn a small abandoned lot in Baltimore into a community garden for children, youth and seniors. any ideas, pointers to business plans, architectural plas, activities, past experiences will be appreciated.
Nassar Posted  5 years ago By  Ayman Nassar
Thanks Josh, this is great info. we are taking baby steps, but are plugging through, we had our first formal activity after the 4 month cleanup by 24 middle and high schoolers in Nov, where we had some high schoolers coach elementary school children on planting 6 evergreen trees. The tools you pointed to definitely come in handy.
Owens Posted  6 years ago By  Josh Owens
Alos here is a website with some great resources:
Owens Posted  6 years ago By  Josh Owens

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