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Designing Healthy Communities PBS Series
Arkin Posted  6 years ago By  Chelsea Arkin

Designing Healthy Communities, a PBS series, looks at the health impacts related to the built environment and connects bad community design with increasing health costs.

Jones Posted  5 years ago By  Jill Jones
There are various problem not only autism,The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 88 children in the United States has been identified as having an autism.

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Bourland Posted  6 years ago By  Dana Bourland
Did anyone catch the living on earth segment today? One in 88 children have autism and there are links to environmental impacts from toxins like pesticides. No surprise but still startling.
Owens Posted  6 years ago By  Josh Owens
Oh, and here is a bar chart showing the increase in autism diagnosis, and a link to a discussion on NPR on the rise of autism:

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Nassar Posted  6 years ago By  Ayman Nassar
Not only autism is on the rise, also other disorders such as attention deficiency, hyperactivity, depression. I have been coaching teens for almost a decade and the rise in numbers is stunning. I think its a complex formula, linked to nutrition (most of the food we consume today is not really food), pollution (pesticides, water, noise), stress levels (social pressures and identity issues), environment (societial changes) and habits (video gaming, technology dependence, etc..).
Owens Posted  6 years ago By  Josh Owens
What an interesting string, I wish the Designing Healthy Communities was more widely broadcast! The findings are stunning, I couldn't believe the rise in diabetes:

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Hernandez Posted  6 years ago By  Yianice Hernandez
This is a terrific resource and builds the case for high-quality community design.

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