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Nassar Ayman Nassar commented on the topic Vegetable Garden Resources in the discussion Site and Landscape
     5 years ago
Thanks Josh, this is great info. we are taking baby steps, but are plugging through, we had our first formal activity after the 4 month cleanup by 24 middle and high schoolers in Nov, where we had some high schoolers coach elementary school children on planting 6 evergreen trees. The tools you pointed to definitely come in handy.

Nassar Ayman Nassar started the topic Vegetable Garden Resources in the discussion  Site and Landscape
     6 years ago
Anyone out there who has any pointers to community vegetable gardens. I am volunteering with a group of young people to turn a small abandoned lot in Baltimore into a community garden for children, youth and seniors. any ideas, pointers to business plans, architectural plas, activities, past experiences will be appreciated.

Nassar Ayman Nassar commented on the topic Designing Healthy Communities PBS Series in the discussion Healthy Living Environment
     6 years ago
Not only autism is on the rise, also other disorders such as attention deficiency, hyperactivity, depression. I have been coaching teens for almost a decade and the rise in numbers is stunning. I think its a complex formula, linked to nutrition (most of the food we consume today is not really food), pollution (pesticides, water, noise), stress levels (social pressures and identity issues), environment (societial changes) and habits (video gaming, technology dependence, etc..).

Nassar Ayman Nassar commented on the topic Estimating Energy and Water Losses in Residential Hot Water Distribution Systems in the discussion Water Conservation
     6 years ago
How does on demand water heating systems stack. Many countries use on-demand heaters which work only when the faucet is opened, and stops once its closed. Does the energy used to heat the same amount of water more or less than storage-based hot water systems?

Nassar Ayman Nassar commented on the topic LIVE from the 2012 National Summit: A Call To Action: Paul Hawken in the discussion News and Events
     6 years ago
It was a very inspiring and thought provoking talk by Paul. As a systems engineer I found his discussion on dealing with buildings and cities as systems rather than bricks and steel very relevant. A system manifests behavior and not just structure, and it is this behavior that makes the livable experience.

I also liked his statement "Life creates conditions conducive to life" and "Civil society is the one that takes the reminants that no one wants to touch" to be very interesting. (I might be paraphrasing a bit to the best of what my memory can recollect).

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